We are very happy to announce that version 4.1 of Particle Gaming’s website is now online! It has been 5 years since the last major revamp of our website and it is time for something new. We will be continuing to update our website with the goal of completing the
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Particle Gaming is currently recruiting for Battlefield 1 in preparation for Battlefield V’s PC launch! We are looking for both competitive and noncompetitive people to join our ranks. If you think you might be interested in joining, we invite you to introduce yourself either here on the website, in our
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If you find yourself here having attempted to join our TeamSpeak 3 server, never fear! We’re still here, we’ve just made the move to Discord. We took the plunge into the world of Discord because we wanted all of the amazing features that Discord had to offer. We invite you
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About Particle

Particle is a first-person shooter PC gaming organization, consisting of players from all over North America. We are selectively picked individuals that excel in the games we play.

Whether we play casually or competitively, the aim is to dominate the competition though superior communication and teamwork and all the while having a great time doing so with similarly like-minded fellow gamers.